OHSWA submission regarding Structural Reform of Mining Petroleum and MHF Safety Legislation


OHSWA submission regarding Structural Reform of Mining and Petroleum and Major Hazard Facilities Safety Legislation in Western Australia

Consultation has been sought by the Departmen tof Mines and Petroleum in Western Australia on input on five proposed options to structure the safety aspects of mining, petroleum and Major Hazard Facilities legislation.

Options outlined in the Consultation Paper seek to:

  • consolidate safety provisions for mining, petroleum and MHF into a single or reduced number of Acts; and
  • allow for a single regulator to cover all safety provisions at MHF sites.

Responses to the Consultation Paper are due by Friday, 19 December 2014.

All Society members were advised of the consultation paper and the Society's submission was sent on 9 December.

OHSWA Submission

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