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The Occupational Health Society of Australia (WA Branch) is a not-for-profit representative body providing expert advice to Government at all levels and support to OHS professionals. 

Occupational Health Society of Australia (WA Branch)

Occupational Health Society of Australia (WA Branch)

Incorporated in 1978, the Occupational Health Society of Australia (WA Branch) is a non-profit association.

The Society had been inactive for some years and in June 2013 was re-activated to provide a forum for the wide range of disciplines engaged in the occupational health profession in Western Australia.

The original aims of the Society are still appropriate and applicable today.

i.         to develop effective occupational health practice within Western Australia;
ii. to encourage awareness by individuals, organisations and other bodies, of the role of occupational health;
iii. to provide a forum for professional contact between persons interested in and working in occupational health;
iv. to express an independent, professional viewpoint on all aspects of occupational health considered desirable in the public interest;
v. to seek the improvement of an extension of the existing legislation for the promotion of safety and health at work in order to ensure uniform principles are applied in all occupational activities.


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