Getting a Job in the Industry

MARCSTA is an occupational health and safety training association and is therefore unable to assist candidates to find employment in the resources sector.

However, the following information, gathered from the sites listed below, may be of interest:

The mining industry is one of the most competitive industries in Australia.  Having recognised qualifications, a satisfactory work history and good references are an advantage when trying to gain employment in the industry.

Most sites require you to have undertaken certain inductions as a pre-requisite for employment but it is recommended that you find out the requirements of the company you wish to gain employment with before committing to any courses/inductions, as some can be costly and time consuming. 

There is no generic "ticket" that applies to all sites , however it may be to your advantage to have obtained the following:


    Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association Work Health and Safety Induction.  As our training providers are largely based in WA, candidates not currently in WA can state in their application/resume that they will sit a MARCSTA upon arrival.

  • A current Western Australian driver's licence.
  • An Apply First Aid Certificate (formerly Senior First Aid Certificate). 


Any additional training can make you more "work-ready" and increase your chances of success, e.g.

  • Work Safely at Heights
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP)
  • High Risk Work (HRW)
  • Forklift

Any previous experience working in industries that involve engineering or mobile plant (Defence, Agriculture, Transport and Forestry) has some relevance to the mining industry and may improve an applicant's chances of success.

You should be aware:

  • Gold mining companies require the WA Police Gold Stealing Detection Unit to conduct a search of the applicant's criminal history.
  • Some sites also require a National Police Clearance Certificate.

Specifically for those wishing to operate mobile equipment :

  • A HR licence (heavy rigid truck licence) is a compulsory certificate for any mobile equipment operator position.

Specifically for those wishing to work on construction sites :

  • The  White Card (formerly known as the Blue Card) is a compulsory certificate for those entering a construction site.  


Candidates without any qualifications

Many candidates wish to gain employment without specific qualifications (that is, entry level roles) and suggestions for how to approach your search are below:

  • Contact the Human Resources Department/Officer of the company directly. 
    A list of telephone contacts can be found in the Yellow Pages under Mining. Many mining companies do not advertise online or in the papers but directly on their company website.  Check their sites regularly.
  • Contact a mining recruitment agency.
    Be aware that they will require a fee for assisting you with employment and not all will guarantee you employment. 
  • Contact labour hire companies.
    Look through the classified section of The West Australian and regional newspapers for adverts from local labour hire companies who contract to the mining industry.
  • Obtain copies of the regional community newspapers.
    (e.g. Kalgoorlie Miner) as some companies only advertise in media within their region/community.
  • View online jobs.
    Many jobs are no longer advertised in the major newspapers but are only online e.g. Seek, CareerOne, Mycareer.

There are certain sites/documents you may wish to explore.


 Good luck with your endeavours.