This course is no longer conducted by MARCSTA (information for historical purposes only)

Work Health and Safety Induction


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National Training Package

The Work Health and Safety Induction underpins the unit of competency RIIOHS201A Work safely and follow OH&S policies and procedures which is a core unit of competency from the nationally accredited RII09 Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package.  The course, however, is not nationally accredited as MARCSTA is not an RTO.

Course Details

  • A recommended eight hour program for the resources sector.
  • The Work Health and Safety Induction does not replace the employer site-specific safety induction.

Program Content

Element 1: Access and Apply Site Safety Procedures

  • Access, interpret and apply compliance documentation relevant to the work activity
  • Carry out isolation of energy sources and immobilisation of potential energy sources, including tagging according to required procedure
  • Locate destinations within the site by interpreting and applying site plans, site transport rules and appropriate signage
  • Identify and act on or report breaches in site safety in accordance with required procedures

Element 2: Apply Personal Safety Measures

  • Use personal protective equipment in accordance with required procedures
  • Establish and maintain a clean and tidy safe working area in accordance with required procedures
  • Obtain permits and clearances in accordance with required procedures, before specialised work is carried out
  • Apply safe manual handling procedures in accordance with guidance and/or procedures
  • Identify and apply site procedures for conduct of high risk activities

Element 3: Apply Operational Safety Measures

  • Recognise and respond to alarms in accordance with required procedures
  • Identify and clarify own responsibility in regard to emergency situation procedures and respond to and report emergency situations in accordance with required procedures
  • Apply basic fire fighting techniques in accordance with requirements
  • Identify emergency escape route(s) and procedures in accordance with requirements

Element 4: Maintain Personal Well-Being for Job

  • Identify risks to personal well-being and recognise preventative strategies to minimise impact on site
  • Identify, act on and report situations which may endanger the individual or others
  • Access and explain site requirements for fitness for duty
  • Adhere to site policies in relation to smoking, alcohol and drug use

Element 5: Identify and Report Incidents

  • Understand site incident and injury statistics in accordance with required procedures
  • Report and record incidents and injuries in accordance with required procedures
  • Contribute to and participate in incident investigations in accordance with the responsibilities and protection under the relevant legislation