This course is no longer conducted by MARCSTA (information for historical purposes only)

Workplace Health and Well-being


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National Training Package



This program is intended to provide employees with an understanding of some major health and well-being concerns which are becoming increasingly evident in today's workplaces.  It is crucial that employees be given every opportunity to become fully informed of the hazards and risks to their personal health and the health of their workmates.

The one day program is comprised of three separate yet related elements:

  1. Alcohol and drugs in the workplace
  2. Psychological health and safety
  3. Understanding and managing fatigue related risks in the workplace

The program can be delivered in three separate sections should this be necessary.  It is essential, however, that the course be completed in its entirety as there is a close relationship between the respective components.


Program Content

Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace

  • Commonly used drugs in your workplace
  • Consequences of drug abuse
  • Synthetic cannabinoids
  • Alcohol and drug related policies

Psychological Health and Safety

  • Anxiety and general anxiety disorders
  • Phobias and their symptoms
  • Depression
  • Managing psychological health in the workplace

Understanding and Managing Fatigue-related Risks in the Workplace

  • Our body clocks
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on alertness
  • Consequences for psychological health and safety
  • eating for energy, stomach enzymes